Saturday, 13 April 2013

Tea Party Madness!

Don't stop reading because you think you're too old for a tea party as you no longer wear fairy tutu's, you are never too old for a Tea Party.

This party is a dream come true for any girl so prepare for your inner 8 year old to turn green with envy. The first thing to think about when hosting a party is a theme. You can go crazy with an Alice in Wonderland theme!


Use playing cards or something crazy like the hostesses face photoshopped onto the Mad Hatter or White Rabbit.

Outfit and Decorations

Have your guests dress up as white rabbits, doormice or mad hatters whilst you, the princess, reside at the head of the table as Alice. Decorate the table with playing cards, clocks, a brightly coloured table cloth and napkins, mis-matched teacups and saucers, doilies, chairs of various heights and styles and signs saying 'This Way' and 'That way'.

Food and Drink

Serve food such as various teas including fruit and herbal with traditional cakes; cherry bakewells, battenburg, angel cake, victoria sponges, scones and tea sandwiches (common fillings include cucumber and egg and cress) Make sure you serve your tea from a genuine teapot with cups and saucers. If you want to make your party more 'mad' than 'Alice' you could mix up your crazy concoctions - try serving jam and cheese sandwiches, just make sure you cut the crusts off.


Play games such as lawn croquet if you're fortunate enough to have a large garden or giant chess. Buy fabric roses and play 'Paint the roses' red or white; divide yourselves into two teams and turn it into a competition, who can paint the most roses first? You could paint tea cups and plates whilst listening to Alice in Wonderland music or decorate cushions with patchwork. Set up a "photo booth" with props such as clocks, white rabbits, headgehogs, giant cards, hats, white gloves and keys for your guests to dress up in and take photographs that you can keep as memories forever.

Alice in Wonderland goes hand in hand with tea parties but it might be a tad predictable and perhaps you'd prefer something more out of the box? Okay let's do this.

Booze Parties

I am loving the idea of a traditional tea party mixed with a hell of a lot of booze. Less tea, more party. If possible host this outside in your garden or on a balcony and utilise the outdoor space; hang bunting from any available surface, hang lanterns, bird cages, tea tree lights and anything else you can lay your hands on in the trees or high spaces. Carry your theme from the party invites through to the thank you notes. Choose bold colours for example black white and yellow for some colour pop, or go for kitsch pastels. You can do this on a budget and in a short space of time so don't panic. This is a fabulous event to organise for ya friends birthday, baby shower, or even organise it for yourself.

Food and Drink

Focus more on the drink than the food. If you are holding your party outside use plastic champagne flutes filled with raspberries/strawberries and champagne (prosecco!). Fill teapots with cocktails such as strawberry daquiri, pina colada or long island iced tea. You could also scoop out the flesh of pineapples or coconuts and serve in these. It is still fun to pour your cocktail into cups and saucers and you can pick these up very cheaply; even if they are plastic its fine and adds to the effect. Dont worry about traditional food like scones and sandwiches. Choose different cakes like fondant fancies, jaffa cakes, jammy dodger biscuits and party rings. As you are drinking alcohol it is probably better to line your stomach so cook pizza and other filling food.


Well, lets face it, you're going to boozed. So don't make your games too complicated. Put bubbles on the table, have sack races round the garden, play truth or dare, have a cocktail making and tasting competition, play the usual ring of fire, dress up in crazy clothes such as feather boas and take pictures. If you're going out after this (I think thats a good idea, don't you babes?) why not pamper yourself? Paint each others fingers and toes, fake tan (yes, in the garden. why not? make use of the space!), massage, facials, make up, hair...whatever you're feeling.

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