Friday, 20 July 2012


Hey Pretty Ladies

Can you believe that the A/W 12 collections are already hitting the shops, before we've had a chance to wear our gorgeous pastel summer dresses and high waisted shorts with crop tops?

Apparently Summer is arriving next week which is a weather predicition not to be sniffed at lightly! I have just returned from nearly 2 weeks in fabulous Greece where the temperature did not dip below 40 degrees during the day, and the evening were a scorching 30 degrees. I can't moan too much then, as I have had the opportunity to wear my summer dresses, glittery sandals, hot pants and vest tops.

I have spent my morning at work today looking at what RIVER ISLAND have on their website - and there are some gorgeous clothes that are making me a bit excited for Autumn (I feel a bit disloyal to Summer) but I do love wrapping up in a new jacket and boots and going for a walk in the crispy leaves with the sun shining down on me.

Take a look at what RIVER ISLAND is offering:

Gorgeous stud earrings including skulls, swallows, crosses and peace signs for £10

Stunning Diamante Princess hair grip £10

Leopard print gloves £8

Dark Grey Punchway Fallaway Jacket £65

Beige Dip Hem Maxi Skirt with wrap around detail £22

Magenta and Black Pointed Wedges £45

How excited are you about buying some new Autumn clothes now? I know I am. Dont worry if you feel that you havent had enough wear out of your shorts and crop tops; these can be coupled with leggings/tights and a blazer or jacket with a scarf and hat to cool the outfit down.

Let me know if you have seen any amazing Autumn buys. I am going to be looking at some Miss Selfridge Autumn outfits too.

Holly x

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