Thursday, 12 January 2012


I've needed a new mascara for ages, as my Dior one ran out. I have been trying to cut down on make up spending so bought myself a fairly reasonably Bourjois 'Volume Clubbing' mascara which I do actually really like, as it makes my eyelashes look really long and thick, on both top and bottom lashes. The aspect I dislike the most, however, is the fact it is waterproof (yes, I know, that's the whole point hence why it is good for clubbing) and hard to get off at night. I get up early to go to work (6.30am) and get annoyed taking my mascara off for the second time!

Anyway, when I was buying my nail varnishes in Boots the other day I noticed an offer on a new 17 mascara called 'Peep Show'. Its in a synthetically pleasing packaging - pink my favourite colour and until 25/01/2012 it costs just £5.29.

The best bit is I got a free eyeshadow with the mascara. I am a sucker for free gifts but I thought 'Ah this eyeshadow will be crap, so I won't buy the mascara purely for the eyeshadow'. When I got home though, I opened up my eyeshadow (there were no testers in Boots) and was most pleased! There are 4 eyeshadows in the little pallette including pale pink, grey, brown and shimmery brown.

This offer will last until 25th January (or until the eyeshadows run out) so if you need a new mascara make the most of the price reduction and free gift.

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