Thursday, 12 January 2012

I am loving..

Barry M Crackle Paint! It is, quite simply, amazing.
These effective varnishes have been kicking about for some time now, so this probably isn't new to many of you, but I want to show my appreciation for them.

For those who are not familiar with these, let me explain.
They come in various shades (black, white, pink, blue, gold etc..) and are applied to a base coat of any colour. They work with any brand of Nail Varnish so there is no need to go out and buy more.

Once the base coat has dried (let's say for example youre using Gold) you brush a coat of the Crackle Paint over the top as a sort of top coat (let's say we're using Black this time). It is up to you how much you use.

If you are looking for a mainly Gold with small flecks of black look, then just use a small amount of crackle paint, or vice versa. The effect is astounding. I found using a small amount of black created a leopard print effect, whereas using a generous amount of black gave the impression of black nail varnish with gold streaks running through it.

As you can see from this photo, the crackle paint has been used to create different effects and different colours.

It lasts for such a long time and hardly chips. I painted my toes over a month ago (gross I know, sorry) as I was wearing peep toe heels on a night out and I took a picture of my toes this morning when I got out of the shower to show you just how long they last for (Please bear in mind these were originally painted at the beginning of December and I do need to re-do them when I find time!! I am not advocating never repainting toenails)

Barry M has more recently launched its croc paint which I am dying to try.. when I do girlies, you will be the first to know my opinions.

Boots currently have an offer on where if you buy two Barry M products you receive a Limited Edition Nail Varnish for FREE (or you can buy it for £3.99) - depending upon the size of your local Boots store the colours on offer are neon purple, neon pink and silver glitter.

I chose silver glitter as I have already have lots of purples and pinks and I was rteally happy with this, if you are in a hurry you only need to apply 1 coat and it doesnt have to be neat at all due to the glittery effect.

One negative is the lid of the Nail Varnish is holographic, which gives the impression that the varnish will be too.. well it's not. But that is fine by me as I still love it.

This is one coat, but with 2 or 3 this can be really eye catching. It is also gorgeous used as a top coat. I have got so addicted to buying nail varnishes at the moment and so will be doing another nail varnish blog very soon.

Hope you enjoyed, Hols x

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