Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Home purchases

As you all know, I have recently bought and moved into my own beautiful home. I am in the process of decorating it to my taste, and am constantly on the look out for little touches to make it my own and absolute bargains!
I have got a bit addicted to a lot of online shops, although I have to say I havent found anywhere particularly cheap, aside from e-bay.
The main places I shop in are Merchant Chandler, TK Maxx, garden centres and boutiques in Cheshire.

Here are some things I have bought in the last month:

A very non-bargainous Roberts radio for my kitchen, with a Cath Kidston cover (there are a variety to choose from) [£190]

A large white wooden jewellery box that has a lift-up lid and three drawers I found this whilst trawling the internet and it wasn't too pricey.[£35]

A heart shaped chalk board for my kitchen (to write shopping lists on) from Swanky Maison [£14[

A tall Moroccan style lantern (for our balcony that leads from the patio doors in our bedroom) It is not identical to this picture, as the one I purchased is from Tk Maxx and there are no online photos. I haven't put my lantern outside yet as it's Winter but I have visions of a Moroccan themed balcony, with lots of warm rich colours, throws, cushions and insence burning! [£19.99[

Some coloured glass bottles with bottle stoppers [£3 each] from Fenwick. I am not sure what I am going to use these for yet as they are purely decorative. I was thinking of using them as vases during the summer and putting a few bright flowers in them (as they are ever so narrow) and letting the sun shine through them to brighten up the room.

I have bought other bric a brac type things, such as signs for my rooms (I did buy the Boudoir sign from my previous blog), a welcome mat, a big vase, candles and cushions.

If anyone has any ideas what I could do with any of my items or what sort of theme would suit a particular room, please let me know. I am aiming for shabby french chic in my bedroom with a moroccan balcony but other than that have no fixed plans.

Lots of love Holly x

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  1. Love the glass bottles and the heart chalk board!