Monday, 2 January 2012

The Holly Files

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2012 to everybody. I'd like to say a huge congratulations to everyone who got engaged over the festive period (and in 2011 in general), I can't wait to see your wedding photos!

Anyway, that was a little aside, as my real reason for creating a new post (apart from complete and utter boredom on this dull bank holiday) is to tell you some information about ME :) A lot of people send me emails and ask me questions so I thought I'd let you know more about me (if you dont know me personally). I'm a very nosey person, but I do think it is human nature to want to know some background information on people and everyone loves to read the "info" bits, am i right?

My name is Holly and I have 2 big sisters and a younger brother. We refer to our family as the Kardashian family - geeks huh? My eldest sister Honour (27) lives with her boyfriend and is a deputy manager at an exclusive travel agents , my next sister Heidi (25) lives at home and works for an online beauty company and then there is me, Holly (23) the baby of the Kardash's, cept my little bro.
I have long brown hair and blue eyes and am an absolute little midget, at only 5 foot 1 or something ridiculous like that. I am constantly teased and plagued by midget jokes.

In the last year I have been travelling in South East Asia, Australia and Fiji with my best friend Daisy. We had the most amazing time, meeting up with people along the way. I got an insane tan and took some beautiful pictures, a few of which are on my public facebook now, but not too many as Daisy's not keen on me sharing her bikini snaps with the world. I strongly recommend travelling, it was an enlightening experience, but of course I desperately missed my family and home comforts.
The best thing to have come of it was meeting my current boyfriend and love of my life Joey. We met in Sydney in November 2010 and I felt a deep connection with him but was wary as he is a bit older than I am. After some chasing on his part I went back to Sydney for Christmas to meet him again. The rest, as they say, is history. We are blissfully happy and have just bought a house in Poynton, Manchester together.

I am still working at Selfridges & Co. which is fine for the time being. I spend most of my energy trying to create a beautiful house for Joey & myself, before we settle down to have babies and get married (cringe)
Before we do that though, we hope to go travelling again and have my sister come house sit for us!

My hobbies are the usual girly things; fashion, beauty, shopping, interior design, partying. I am fascinated by other people's lives and enjoy talking to new people and reading blogs.

I hope this wasn't too boring or egotistical; it is just that I do so love to read about other peoples lives.

Lots of love to you all,
Holly xxx


  1. wonderful post! learned so much about you, Holly!