Wednesday, 14 December 2011

2011 :)

Dolls, I am so sorry for the neglect I have inflicted on you!
Life has been so mad for me, I went travelling, spent all my money, fell in love, saved my pennies and bought a house all in the space of 18 months!

2011 has been an incredible year for me, I finally feel like a grown up and that I am making my mark on the world.

My gorgeous boyfriend and I have bought a house and are in the process of having it gutted and re decorated and I couldnt be more excited.

Its true what they say though; nothing is more stressful than moving house, especially when you are buying a house to move into as well.

Life couldn't be better and I feel giddy thinking about our first Christmas together in our new house. We have got all our decorations up and a big tree, even though the whole place needs decorating! Christmas is not right without a big tree in my opinion.

So, Happy Christmas everyone I wish you all the best and hope you have had a fantastic 2011 so far. Please let me know if anything exciting has happened to you at all.

Big smooches

Holly xxxxx

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