Sunday, 2 May 2010

Top tip: swimming

As I write this it is pouring with rain, and so I am fighting the urge to say "summer is here" as it seems as if summer came, then went.
However, us British are ever the optimists and we know in a few weeks the sun will be back and we'll all be baring our bodies and as much flesh as we dare!
To help you pick the right bikini for your body shape I will be creating a blog shortly but first an idea to get into shape before you have to bare your bikini bod.
To get in shape without joining a gym and spending hundreds of pounds a year on a membership you'll never use there are some alternative fun ways to exercise, get fit, and tone up...
Swimming is my absolute favourite exercise as it works almost every muscle, gets your heart rate going and leaves you short of breath whilst keeping you cool and preventing a red sweaty face.
Local pools are usually ever so cheap, or some gyms let you use their pools for a reduced fee if you sign up to a membership.
If you spend an hour constantly moving in the pool you will burn up to 400 calories. Its a great place to go and exercise with your friends as you can chat as you swim lengths. My favourite stroke is breast stroke and I like to do it properly, dipping my head under the water as I go.
I go swimming with my best friend Lily and while she relaxes in the steam room (hoping to lose a couple of pounds) I really push myself to do as many lengths as I can, and then when she gets back in the pool I slow down and try to keep my swimming constant rather than focusing on speed.
If you're new to swimming I suggest doing 10 lengths and then stopping. GO as slow or as fast as you like, but the trick is to keep moving at all times so youre burning cals constantly.
Splash out on a new swimsuit (bikinis look a bit tacky in public pools) and make sure you wax your bikini line and legs as there is nothing worse than feeling stubble rubbing against your legs.
Swimming increases your metabolism so once you leave the pool you will be feeling starving, but be able to eat a meal without feeling guilty as youve earned it and it will be burnt off faster than usual.
I pile my hair on top of my head (I have a lot of hair) and make sure I deep condition it at least once a week otherwise the chlorine dries it out and the ends snap easily. A lot of people are paranoid about their hair turning green if they have dyed it recently but it is possible to swim without getting your hair soaked so do not worry!

Let me know how you get on if you decide to take up this hobby, or if you already swim currently @!/profile.php?id=100000854229816&ref=profile

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