Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Nail Varnish for Summer

Hey Everyone,

I'm sorry that my blogs are becoming more and more infrequent but I have had a lot on at work recently and have been applying for other jobs. I have also recently got back from Dubai where I had an amazing holiday. More partying + less sunbathing than Barbados.

I don't want to neglect my blogs and even if Im not posting my blogs I am always collecting photos, making notes and not forgetting talking to all the lovely people Ive met via my public facebook page!

Ive got to know so many lovely, lovely girls I am actually astounded at how nice people are to strangers :) In particular Sarah, Charlotte and Rach.

Right so moving on from that I have been trying to save some money the last few weeks so instead of buying all of Topshop when I go into Manchester, I go to Boots and buy make up, toiletries and bits and piece likes that. My current obsession is NAIL VARNISH in particular Barry M and Models Own

So here is a quick photo I took of one hand painted with 5 different colours :)

These are the nail varnishes that I used ....

From L - R
(Barry M) Bright Pink, (Barry M) Pure Turquoise, (Barry M) Pale Yellow, (Barry M) Coral and (Models Own) Orange Sorbet

The Orange Sorbet is a personal favourite for holidays. I paint my toes with it and against tanned feet and gold sandals the look is gorgeous.
The Coral is a classic colour that can jazz up a simple black outfit, or I like to match it with my coral topshop body con skirt.
The Pale Yellow, is very lemony and also great with a tan but I don't recommend it for the fair skinned.
The Pure Turquoise adds a brilliant splash of colour but beware, it does stain your nails!
The Bright Pink is almost a Barbie colour and is my most worn nail varnish of 2009 I absolutely adore it, tanned or not. It looks great on fingers and toes!

Tell me what your favourite nail colour is? I am looking to buy a green and lilac nail varnish next. Any recommendations?

Lots of love,


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  1. i like the pink and blue for sure. sucks that the blue stains.

    hope you had fun on your trip!


  2. hey, been missing you in the blog world. hope you're having a good summer!