Monday, 12 April 2010

Bikini Hair Removal

WOW! Have I had a lot of requests for a blog on this or WHAT?!?!?
First off let me mention the methods you can use that I have either used myself or have some knowledge on.

1. Shaving (with an electric razor, standard razor and trimming with scissors)
2. Hair Removal Cream
3. Waxing

Its important to use a new razor blade when you re doing this, if you use a blunt razor blade you are going to give yourself a rash and the hair wont be removed properly, and regrowth will appear quicker. Use lots of shaving gel/foam and I recommend one for sensitive skin with aloe Vera or something similar, then shave gently making sure you shave the way that the hairs are growing. Another tip is to wash the hairs with shampoo and conditioner, and depending on the length use a comb and trim them first to make shaving much easier! After you've finished rinse well and apply a lotion. Some people I know apply Savalon cream to avoid rashes.
Shaving with an electric razor: This is best done when your hair is DRY so do it once you have showered and dried yourself off. It is best to use an electric product that is specifically designed for "down there" hair removal rather than your boyfriends razor or something!!! This is much easier than using a standard razor and you are unlikely to cut yourself.

Pros. you have control, its really cheap, quick and easy to do in the comfort of your own home.
Cons. Shaving rashes are not uncommon, the smoothness doesn't last long and re growth is fast

Hair Removal Creams
I have been trying hair removal creams recently, just so that I could write about them for this blog (aren't I good to you?) The most popular of course is veet hair removal cream. Get in the shower, but don't get yourself wet, and apply the thick cream over your hair that you want removed and leave for 5-10 minutes, this should leave the hair easy to wash away and you will be left with smooth results (or heres hoping!)

Pros. Cheap, easy to use, only takes 10 minutes
Cons. Strong chemical smell that is most unpleasant, normally some hair left that does not come away easily, after 24 hours red bumps normally appear and hair re grows almost immediately

Ouch. That is the first thought that springs to mind although waxing is meant to be the most effective way or removing hair, and for the longest period of time.
I know this is probably obvious to all your dolls, but make sure you have just had a shower and are smelling fresh before you go to the salon, especially if you want a brazillian or a hollywood. It is at the salons discretion whether or not they want to give you those types of waxes. Wear a long top/ dress so that you have a bit more dignity as you will be taking your knickers off, wearing paper knickers, or if you keep your knickers on they will be putting their fingers inside the legs parts. Beauticians will grab your legs, spread your legs and if you want every single hair gone, including the ones by your buttocks, you will have to go on all fours. this bit hurts a lot!
I have heard many different opinions on how much it hurts. some people say its as bad as stubbing your toe, others say it is agony, whereas there are some who say it is completely fine and bearable. My advice: take some paracetamol or something similar 1.2 hour before your wax so that your body has a bit of pain relief in there! and take something to occupy yourself whilst it is being done, a magazine, i pod..ANYTHING! hahaha.
Make sure you have trimmed your hair right down so that it is easier for the beauticians to rip out! They use hot wax, but it doesnt feel hot on your skin, just very warm. The wax is applied with something that looks like a Popsicle stick and then linen strips are pressed over the wax and with one fell swoop the strips are ripped off and you are (if all goes well) left with smooth skin!
Home waxing Kits do not actually include real wax, it is just some sticky substance that sticks to the hairs and helps in ripping them off. Unfortunately as it is not wax and you are not a trained professional the results will not be nearly as good as salon results|!

Pros. Looks good, last for about a month, although it hurts every hair will be removed (that you ask for), makes you feel sexy, good for sex and less friction and every man/girl loves licking a meow with no hair!
Cons. Not cheap, can be embarrassing baring your snatch to total strangers, painful, makes the skin swollen and can cause rashes/irritation!

So my advice is for day to day hair removal just use a razor and a week or so before you go on holiday grit your teeth and try and bare the pain and humiliation of a bikini wax in a reputable salon.
It is worth it, you ll look sexy on the beach and if you pull you'll have some amazing sex and foreplay!

Love you all x


  1. Great post darling. Lots of really good, accurate information on the subject we are all curious about now (at least here since it is getting warmer out) I think the key to having waxing not hurt as much (since I have had it done with different people for several years) is finding someone really good at it. Makes a huge difference like you cant imagine. And like you said, the results will be better. Make sure to go out and get opinions or recommendations from your friend ladies! xoxo

  2. thanks logan. yeh definitely need to get a wax from someone you KNOW is good ie. your friends have been there and recommend the place. there is nothing worse than going through that pain and ending up with red blotchy skin afterwards! xxxx

  3. quite informative post! i learned something today. haha.

  4. haha what did you learn cheryl darling? xxx