Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Hey dolls,

So I am feeling stressed right about now as I am trying to plan some holidays for this summer!
I have been saving all year and have £700 in a special secret bank account no one knows about, and I add money into it each week.

I want to have my first holiday with my fella, he is adamant he is paying but we shall see! He wants to take me to a beautiful island in Greece, somewhere neither of us has been before, somewhere not as toursity as Crete or Corfu etc and somewhere which has amazing beaches, food and peace and quiet!

If you have any suggestions let me know? Im thinking Ios, Paxos, Naxos kinda places..

My second holiday I want to go away with the girls. In the last couple of years we have been to Marbella and Ibiza which were AMAZING and I strongly recommend them as holiday destinations, but this year my friends are on a stricter budget and we are looking for somewhere much much cheaper! One of my friends is still convinced we can find a cheap holiday in Ibiza (we cant) whilst another thinks Majorca will cut the mustard. I personally am thinking Bulgaria and this is because a work colleague owns a house out there right on the beach which we can rent for free or for very little money. We would only have to pay for food and drink and our flights. I can hear you thinking "Bulgaria?? what on earth!?" but take a look at this gorgeous picture of Bulgaria..
I just want your opinion on Bulgaria; do you know anyone who has been, have you ever been and where are the best places to go??

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Love u princesses x


  1. I think Greece is a great choice! also, i've never been to Ibiza, but now i want to go.


  2. ibiza is amazing, party central! and ive been to greece about 7 or 8 times :) xo

  3. Oh sounds lovely! i wish i could stop buying clothes long enough to even think about saving money!
    Not sure about the girlie holiday but with the boyfriend.. have you thought about Rhodes? Its not as touristy as the other islands but there's still plenty to do and its beautiful!
    Make sure you let us know where you decide :)

  4. I was contemplating Rhodes babe but isnt it really stoney there? I love sandy beaches that you can just run along and into the sea! haha :) thanks for your advice tho sweets. xxxxx

  5. Greece would be a perfect getaway for lovers ;) I hope you have an amazing time...and Bulgaria looks like a beautiful place to go!

  6. I am now going to Bulgaria with 5 of my girlfriends in Mid July <3 its going to be so hot. Thanks for all your feedback X

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