Monday, 22 March 2010

Boots, No 7

Hey Dolls,
I want to quickly show you 2 things I purchased in Boots from the No7 range

First of all I love shopping in Boots. I think its because you can buy a whole mix of stuff; fake tan, make up, beauty products, hair products, perfume..and you get points added to your boots card which I love to save up and buy one big thing with :)
Recently, Boots has been giving out £5 off No7 products everytime you spend more than £5 (I think) in store so I thought Id get myself some No7 stuff :)

First off I bought foaming cleanser as my Clinique cleanser has run out. This looked a lot easier to use as you dont need to worry about wipes; you just squirt it on your hand (preferably when you're in the shower) and you massage it into your face and neck and then rinse off. I have been using this for about a week now and my skin is much smoother (and probably a lot cleaner!) This cleanser was £7.50 so I got it for £2.50, can I hear bargain anyone?

The second item I bought with my money off voucher was an essential moisture night cream. I mean I use moisturiser everyday as my skin is naturally dry but recently my skin has got so so dry and I am not sure why. It may be because im tired/stressed/the heating has been on at home/a combination of all things but my mum suggested I buy some intensive night cream to help my poor forehead out :) I have been using this each night, and sometimes in the day too if my normal moisturiser wont cut it and I love it. It is ever so thick and you have to properly rub it all in, but it smells nice and keeps me nice and hydrated throughout the night; there is nothing worse than rubbing your forehead and feeling skin flake off! This was £9.50 and I am not so sure why it was so cheap compared to other No7 night creams which were £20 but oh well I am not complaining. I got this for £4.50 in the end.

Thats all folks xxxxxx


  1. I know what you mean about your forehead..I get that sometimes too, and I have oily skin! Yuck! The stuff you got looks great though, and what good deals! I have never tried any of the No. 7 products but I have been meaning to try them out. I hear great things. Thanks for the review! xoxo

  2. p.s. tagged you for an award on my blog. Go check it out when you can! xoxo

  3. aw cheers chick :D yeh no7 is good i think, very reasonably priced especially with the £5 vouchers! the vouchers end this sunda though so if you want to buy something and get it discounted do it soon xxxxxxxx

  4. i'm always looking for better cleansers. hope this one works out.