Sunday, 7 February 2010


Hey guys,

So as all my friends know I am an avid tanner! I go on holiday about 3 times a year and have naturally tannable skin BUT during the months when I am stuck in rainy Manchester I fake tan to my hearts content!

My tanning product of choice is...FAKE BAKE (of course) for me this really is the only product I could use. I used to use St Tropez and Pizz Buin but come on guys, theyre rubbish compared to this.

I have the gift set which comprises of the Fake Bake fake tan [brown bottle], an exfoliator [pink bottle] and a skin smoothie [orange bottle].

Right so basically I use this about once a week although it lasts for weeks and weeks! This may be because Im tanned anyway so dont hold me to that.

This is how I put it on...

Step 1. Take a bath and make sure you shave your legs, underarms etc and are ready to go. Use the exfoliator [pink btl] which has tiny little exfoliating beads in it. This will get rid of dead, dry skin and make it much easier for you to tan, and for the tan to stay on and be NON patchy. Which we all love, right girls?

Step 2. Get out the bath, pat yourself dry with a towel and apply the skin smoothie [orange btl] onto problems areas such as ankles, knees, elbows, fingers...

Step 3. Using latex gloves or a mitt (I prefer a mitt) apply the fake tan. Its not too hard to do as the tanner is dark brown so you can see where u have already applied it. I get my boyfriend or friend to help me with this, especially doing your back!! its impossible to do your back alone. It helps to have someone check the back of your calves as these will be really noticable if streaky.

Step 4. Once body is tanned tie hair back from face (use a big headband) and using a foundation sponge apply fake tan (dont need to do too much as make up will do the rest!)

Step 5. Leave to dry for 20 minutes (until you feel less sticky at least) and spray the skin smoothie over yourself again

Step 6. GO TO BED :)

Step 7. When you wake up shower it off and voila :) you are tanned! Add a final squirt of skin smoothie and towel dry (gently)

Just a note, wear loose pyjamas at night and be prepared for your tan to stain the sheets a bit. It will come off in the wash if you use some vanish but I always save my bedsheets until Ive fake tanned before I wash them!
If you are fake tanning in the day (ie. not going to bed once uv tanned) then leave about 5 hours so as to let the tan develop!

Love you all stay brown!!

Here is a photo of me tanned with my friends and sisters:

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