Sunday, 7 February 2010

My ELF review..finally!

Hey everyone hope February is treating you well. The first thing I want to review is ELF Clarifying Pressed Powder.
This comes in a small compact with a sponge to apply the face powder. When I received it I thought woah this is tiny but actually its fine because you don't need much at all. At first I was applying my foundation, then wiping the sponge over my entire face, then adding a hint of bronzer. That will leave you with a very dark going out look, so for a more natural look i recommend dabbing the powder over ur face very gently. Also a handy tip is to know that the face powder crumbles a lot and each time you open it, some powder will spill out onto your leggings/jeans. Annoying! But I feel it is worth £1.50 :)

The second item I want to review is my favourite ELF purchase so far. It is for eyes lips or face (haha hence the name ELF) and is called a Shimmering Facial Whip (I chose pink lemonade colour but all the colours look nice) I started off using it as a highlighter but I am far too tanned for pale pinks so now I use it as a creamy pale pink eyeshadow. If Im just popping out I add a tiny bit or if Im having a night out I will just use it as my base! This colour is sold out currently but Im sure it will be restocked soon. I recommend this HIGHLY as it is so versatile, doesnt take up much room in ur make up bag OH and I almost forgot it does smell of lemonade, kind of similar to those yellow Refresher sweets. mm mm :)

Last but not least I will review Therapuetic Conditioning Lip Balm (flavour = strawberry creme) This smells and tastes delicious, whilst adding a splash of colour, freshening your face up PLUS with the added benefit of keeping your lips non-dry and nice and kissable. Infused with Shea Butter and Vitamins A & E for long lasting protection, according to the packet. And I totally can believe it.Flavours also available are Vanilla, Orange and Blackberry..I am defo buying the Vanilla one next

Stay beautiful girls, love you! xxx

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