Monday, 8 February 2010

My Bedroom...

Okay so let me tell you about my room. I dont want to put any photos on because its really small but I need some advice. I have cream walls with some photos stuck to them on a big board, big shelves on the wall with a mish mash of books (id say 95% of it is books)jewellery boxes, links and chanel paper bags, teddies, photo frame etc, then I have a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors and one door is a full length mirror. And I have a wicker basket next to my bed with a ton of sh*t on it like note pads, wage slips..and inside the basket is my handbags and clutch bags! and i have a lot of bags!

What Im trying to say is I WANT TO BRIGHTEN UP/MODERNISE/ ACCESORISE my room up as its DULL DULL DULL and there is nothing exciting going on...BUT..

1. I have limited space as it is a very small room
2. I have limited storage due to size and the shallowness of the wardrobe
3. I cannot paint anything

So what I was thinking of was to buy some new bed sheets. I currently have white bed sheets which are nice but impractical for my fake tanning! The bed sheets I am thinking of having are zebra print BUT i don't know if they will look silly as my room is not clean cut black and white, you know?

This bed set if from Tesco and is only about £10 so a huge bargain!

So should I get this bedsheet to brighten my room up? Or should I get more neutral/pastel colours? Or maybe one block of solid colour?
Another problem I have in my room is STORAGE!!
I only have a few shelves which my t shirts, leggings, jeggings, long sleeved tops sit on. Then underwear and PJs go in my only 2 drawers. Every other item of clothes has to be hung up.

I have my own bathroom with a small cupboard which is where all of my toiletries go including hair care, skin care, fake tan products, perfumes and so on.

My make up sits in a small bag on my windowsill but it is getting hard to fit it all in. I need help!
should I....
1. buy a vanity case to hold it all in (but I dont know where I can put this?)
2. Buy some indivudal small drawers to keep things in ie. 1 drawer for mascras and eye liners, another for eye shadows, another for skincare...???

I think I just need to get my own house :(

But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some feed back I love u all!! xxxx


  1. I like the zebra comforter but I think I would pair it with colored sheets underneath, perhaps a vibrant turquoise or pink for a pop of color. Hope that helps!

  2. a bed sheet will def. help. can you add some color to the walls? and storage containers in t he bathroom or closet will help as well. there are some good ones at ikea.

    this article will help you determine the best bedroom colors for your mood:

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  3. haha just came accross my old post - i now have my own house yaya!