Sunday, 7 February 2010

January I was loving...

Okay so I know its February now but I want to share with you some things I was loving in JANUARY :)(it was only a week ago after all, come on guys)

Okay so i am a bag FIEND i absolutely adoooorrrreee bags!!!

I purchased this one last week from River Island for £29.99 and its a gorgeous corally/salmony colour...

Sorry I cant take photos from the River Island site because its all bloody high tech rubbish! So yeh, this is it, my lovely bag :) It fits a lot of stuff in, has compartments and is easy to carry

Okay so this is my favourite dress from Topshop, kate moss. I have had it for months but in Jnuary I wore it about 3 times because I am getting obsessed with it.. obviously this is kate wearing it, not me, but i dont have a nice photo of me in it! I look so short cos im not wearing my heels (guys im so short its not cool)

This bodycon skirt is my 2nd favourite outfit of Jan. I have been wearing it with either a long sleeved black tight top/leotard top and once i wore it with a black lace top and got a lot of compliments so im happy :) Oh and i wear it with big black high heels!

and finallyyyyyyy my rampant rabbit, my trusty friend!! :) (i do have a nice bf now though just to point out) xxxxxxx


  1. I really love that bag(: It's gorgeous

  2. I love that bag and the skirt! love your blog too babe :) xx