Friday, 22 January 2010

Welcome :)

Hey I thought I would just start a blog so that I can leave comments on other bloggers whom I love
But just for the hell of it I might do some blogging of my own as I am really interested into fashion beauty and hair care :)
My biggest passion, as those who know me will know, is fake tanning <3>
I am a bit of a beauty snob and like to buy expensive products although I do have lots of cheapies too!
I am currently using MAC foundation, concealer and bronzer, with dior mascara and YSL eyeliner. I don't know if people would be interested in seeing which exact ones but if so I can always upload photos. I am currently without a camera soooo...thats not the best :(

O and I have created a form spring today. I think the address is

so feel free to follow me and ask any questions Im happy to answer as long as its not asking where I live or anything!

Can't think of anything to say soo... bye bye girlies, stay beautiful xo

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